Review Review to me is one of the leading eCommerce in the GCC/Middle East which is very similar to but much cheaper stuff and cheaper shipping, awhile back I ordered a Phone from them the LG V20 Refurbished

Basically is based in UAE and when I made my order on the 22-06-2018 and received it on the 05-06-2018 so basically it took 14 Days to arrive from UAE to Kuwait, and the shipping fees were so cheap I paid like 2KWD for shipping which cheaper than getting a taxi here.

What I like about :

  • Cheap Prices
  • Cheap Shipping with tracking
  • Alot of varieties of products on the website
  • COD  ( Cash on Delivery ) / KNET / Visa / Master Card Payment


What I dislike about

  • No one reviews the product people buy
  • They did not give proper information on the products, like the LG V20 They wrote it’s refurbished but they did not state it’s AT&T unlocked, because the phone now won’t update unless you are in the states with AT&T sim card
  • Support is slow takes along time to get ahold of them.

Overall it’s a new website and it’s welcoming to have such website in the Arabian region as still doesn’t exist here, we get to shop all kinds of products and shipping is fast for what we are paying for shipping.

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