Best Websites to watch Anime

Best Websites to watch Anime

I love watching anime online, and I love to watch anime streams, below you will find the websites that I use to watch anime :


I suggest you just use 9Anime , because for me it’s the anime streaming website, the ads are not annoying and they are user friendly, the stream loads fast and you can choose the quality you want to watch the anime in, and it’s mobile friendly <3


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  1. This used to be the site where i watch english dubbed anime although its selection is not quite that many but i still loved it though. Sadly this is no longer working.

  2. You should add anime crave it has every anime show in english and if there is not a show on there you can request for it to be added and you gain points by watching anime to get free stuff

  3. Crunchyroll has always been my go-to site to watch anime lmao. Glad to see it mentioned in this blog post. It used to be really good but now there are so many different streaming platforms.

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