Buying from

Buying from

I have been shopping from for quite a while now, and my friends always ask me this question ” is the stuff you get from is original/authentic ? ” well my answer is YES it’s real, so far I bought from them phones, laptops, shoes, perfumes and I paid for them not by Visa or K-Net or a Mastercard but I paid with the cash on delivery ( COD ) service which I love.

Now the cash on delivery isn’t a free service they charge you an extra amount when you choose this service, below you can see my invoice of my last purchase from them :

I bought 11 Items which consisted of perfumes, shoes, brushes, flash drives, wallets & a bag pack, and they were all from different sellers the COD fee was around 1.7KD and the shipping fees where 7.4KWD which total around 9.1KD for shipping+cod fee & it took around 10 Days for the shipment to arrive from UAE/Dubai to Kuwait, which is kinda slow for shipping from a neighbor country but the service was still good.

I have ordered also a Macbook Air 13inch & Oneplus 3 from them because it was cheaper than Kuwait by a good amount you can compare the prices on to Kuwait market price and paid for them when they arrived, they also ship using Postaplus thus explaining why sometimes the shipping is slow sometimes.

Now all the above speaks of a nice service and prices, but now comes the negative feed back , on my last ordered I had shoes and sadly they brought the wrong size and it took them around 3 days to respond to my email  and another 3 or 4 days for them to pickup the shoes from me and now it’s been a week since the pickup and I am still waiting on a reply from them regarding my refund.

Overall buying from is nice and easy and the products they have is good and original/authentic shipping is not bad I recommend them, it’s like is the amazon of the middle east, which ironically  to say that Amazon bought souq.



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