Cost of Living in Kuwait

Cost of Living in Kuwait

I have been in Kuwait for nearly 20 Years & living in Kuwait is becoming harder each year as there is no minimum wage law here. if you are already living in Kuwait you must know of this but if you are new in Kuwait or you just finished your high school or university or just need to start working below you will find what you need to know on the cost of living :

Salaries Range from : 70 to an unlimited amount ( But basically it’s usually start around 220KWD )

House rent : 200 to 250 KWD for a 1BHK ( Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen )


Room or partition rent : 50 to 120KWD ( You will either be living in a small partition or with other people in a room or in a single room alone )

Food Expenses: 40 to 80KWD ( You might ask why double the amount ? well that’s because most people don’t calculate ordering food from outside or just buying snacks while on the go )

Transport: 25 to 60KWD ( Transportation is hard in Kuwait, and it’s near to impossible to get a driving license )

Internet & Calling : 5 to 15KWD ( This all depeends on how much you talk or use the phone but buying a data sim card as of now is 5KWD as a minimum fee )

So if you are new in Kuwait and the company doesn’t give you a apartment or a place to live in and they give you a basic of 200 to 250KWD then it will be more hard on you.

An Example of a family man ( Husband + Wife ) in Kuwait with 600KWD salary how life it will be for him :

Apartment: 250KWD for 1BHK ( 1 Bedroom, hall, kitchen )

Food Expenses : 70KWD to 100KWD ( Again no one calculates ordering food from outside or going out )

Transport : 25 to 60 KWD

Internet & Calling : 10 to 20KWD

Random Expense : 30KWD  ( anything from buying a small gift, giving donation, paying for health insurance or medical..etc)

So it will nearly be all for 400KWD leaving you with a balance of 180 to 200KWD, now that sounds good but if you have kids it won’t be good, because raising a kid is like spending double on what you are getting due to everything in Kuwait is getting and expensive and school fees are getting more high.

if you have any question please do ask and I will do my best to help you/answer in the best way I can.


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