Geek Nation – Open in Kuwait

Geek Nation – Open in Kuwait

Are you an anime fan ? do you love collecting figures and shirts and mugs..etc and looking for something orginal and authtic, then look no more Geek Nation is now open in the Avenues Phase 4 

From Masks of Marvel Characters to shirts to cups to many things of accessories..etc

What I loved is the figure section as they have authentic original products, unlike if you go to Rehab Complex In hawally you will be stuck in wondering if you are getting a fake product or not.

I loved they have all kind of anime figures from Dragon Ball Figures to Marvel Figures!

They even have The Infinity Gauntlet , BUT IT SO EXPANSIVE، but you do get an original authatic Gauntlet but sadly with out the power of the infinity stones so you can’t snap your way around Kuwait!

if you any more shops like Geek Nation please do share it in the comments

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