Kuwait’s Corona (COVID-19) Website

Kuwait’s Corona (COVID-19) Website

This website is made by the government to update us people here in Kuwait and the world of the latest cases in Kuwait by date on how many Corona COVID-19 cases there is in Kuwait from cases to infected to recovery to death tolls, it also tells you the quarantine areas/resorts that the government have used and how many people are in it that is under observation.

Note: The website is still in soft launch phase ( Alpha/beta Phase I believe ) so it might get updated or not and it might have issues, until it gets fully launched.

Below is the link of the website, Click on it or click the box below.

Special thanks to Cold2zero from Reddit.

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    1. Currently Kuwait Government decides that, since that person came on the date of an outbreak he/she should go to clinic and inform them where he traveled and when he came back and get checked up, then they will give the decision of either to be in the house of self quarantine or to be held in the quarantine sites that Kuwait government have provided.

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