New Ministry of Health Fees for Expats

New Ministry of Health Fees for Expats

For anyone living in Kuwait the MOH ( Ministry of Health of Kuwait ) have raised the fees for expats and per the ” social media ” spark, it will start on beginning of October 2017, below you will find the charts of the before and after for the increased fees.




Medical Treatment at Clinic = 1KWD Medical Treatment at Clinic = 2KWD
Hospital ( ER ) = 2KWD Hospital ( ER ) = 5KWD
Outpatients  Clinics = Unknown OutPatients Clinics = 10 KWD


Now alot of expats/foreigners are pretty upset & angry about this, BUT come on the increase isn’t that BIG, I was expecting the clinic fees will be around  5KWD but it was not. yes it’s an increase but it’s not that big, at least it’s still cheaper than going to a private clinic/hospital. but my question is: we pay a yearly fee for a medical insurance which is I think is 40KWD, what do we use that for what? because I have been nearly in Kuwait my whole life and I don’t know the purpose of that insurance or the card we get, I will look into that.

I am an expat and yes the increase effects us, but it’s better than ” banning ” us from using governmental hospital or increasing the price x5 times which I stated above.

Update 24/9/2017 Above picture states the fees of each medical service.

Note : The picture above which sparked the social media to talk about, there is no official stamp or logo from the MOH (Ministry of Health of Kuwait ) , so it might be a hoax or the real thing we will know by the end of the month.

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  1. We pay health insurance at the time of getting residence stamped. We must not pay even Kd 1/- & Kd.2/- in clinic & hospital. Already we have paid medical insurance so expats must not pay fees when they go to clinic or hospital. If you are charges money from expats in clinic & hospitals with increased fees then the govt. should abolish medical fees at the time of stamping residence. How many times govt. Wants to charge this fees. Either you take in clinic & govt. hospitals or you take it at the time of residence stamping. Before implementing new rules please think on humanitarian grounds that expats must not be burdened with new rules. Thank you.

    1. Indeed, that’s why I asked my self why do we pay for health insurance then pay for again for clinics and hospitals, but then I asked my self if I paid for ” Private insurance ” I will not get free medicines or free checkups or free treatment but rather they insurance will deduct the fee from the hospital and I pay the rest.

      MAYBE this is how the government health insurance is, we pay for the health insurance to get the check up on a lower price and free medicines in the process also, now I said MAYBE because I don’t know, in the end this is not my country what ever rules they set we have to follow but hopefully they make the prices right or with out changes.

  2. 2kd for only consulting Masri doctors cum stick lovers who treat expatriates with that magic wand which only the way of treatment they knows.40kd for which we get medicenes .diffrence is private hospital takes money only when we are sick and prescribes medicenes.this people are taking in advance 40kd to store medicenes in case of emergency.

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