Ramadan Budget Buffets – in Kuwait

Ramadan Budget Buffets – in Kuwait

Happy Ramadan to everyone, while we fast we sometimes get lazy to cook or too sleepy to do anything around the house or sometimes you just want to go out with your friends and family to have a nice Iftar, Below you will find a nice list of restaurants that offers buffets in Ramadan that is budget friendly (Below 10KWD).

Restaurants – Cafes :-

Classical Cafe/Resturant
4.9KWD Per Person.
Location: Salmiya- Behind Marina Mall

Shadow Cafe/Resturant
4.5KWD Per Person.
Location: Salmiya – Salam Mall – 2nd Floor
Tel:-90907903 – 67644003

Pizza Hut – Resturant
3.5KWD Per Person.
Location: Salmiya Cop, 2 or 3 Other Locations

Naranj Resturant
10.5KWD Per Person
Location: Salmiya Olympia Mall , Avenues Mall

Palm Palace Cafe/Restaurant
8.9KWD Per Person
Location:Salmiya Behind Marina Mall, Opp Salam Mall Parking

Qasr Al-Saraya
9KWD Per Person
Location: Salmiya, Opp Scientific Center


Please do email me or comment in this post if you know any other budget friendly buffets here in Kuwait to share it with everyone.

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