Razer Basilisk Review

Razer Basilisk Review

I got myself a new Razer Mouse, the Razer Basilisk ( The FPS Mouse ) so it’s ” optimized ” for shooting games, the reason I bought this mouse it’s because my Asus Rog mouse got broken, the mouse structure is a good fit in the hand and there is a clutch on the left side of the mouse to rest the thumb while gaming and additional customizable  button which is a cool thing but I  did not use it.


What I love about it that it’s powered by Razer Chroma which gives the ability to change the colors of the logo and the wheel of the mouse, even though it’s kinda useless while gaming but the colors it’s a nice eye candy to have.


The Razer Synapse is cool software to use, but it confused me at first but it’s nice to have with all the customization you can do with the mouse.

So far I tested it with Hereos of the Storm and Counter Strike and ironsighte, I am not done testing this mouse but so far I like it more than the razer death adder.

Note: I got it fora  nice price/deal for 17KWD at xcite original price was 28KWD.

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