Talabat Review

Talabat Review

Talabat I think is the only website in the GCC that offers a all in one system that lets you order from any restaurant without having to pay ” website ” fees or external delivery fees, I ordered from Talabat from 2 restaurant which are Taco Bell & Naif Chicken


What I know that Talabat is only the middle between me and the restaurant which does give a little delay which is not ” Talabat ” fault but rather the restaurant as they sometimes they ignore order, know you might ask how do you know that? because I was in one of the restaurants I saw orders coming that are from Talabat from the screen and the employee was focused on it because he was busy with the walk-ins and the orders from the phone.


What I like about Talabat :

  • Knowing if the restaurant is open and can delivery.
  • Having the price list of the food.
  • Delivery Estimation.


What I hate about Talabat :

  • Reviews are worthless, no body cares neither the Restaurant or Talabat.
  • Delivery Charges are not being followed per Kuwaiti Law.
  • No Unique Offers or Coupons.
  • No Delivery Tracking.

Overall it’s a nice  website to order your food from but sometimes the delay between Talabat and the resturant gets annoying as sometimes they blame each other when something goes wrong ( between Talabat and the Restaurants ), but it’s better than having no website at all, whats nice Talabat gets the profit from the restaurant/companies and not from the consumer.


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