The iPhone X is just a bunch of phones mashed into one !

Apple launched it’s new iPhone X, after seeing the launch event I was devastated on what it had to offer which was nothing really new or unique


  • The Full Screen = Copying the Android Phone Style
  • The Swipe Features = BlackBerry 10 OS
  • Wireless Charging = All other Android Phones
  • The Face Dedication = Old Tech ( Eye Scanning in Android )
  • No Aux Port = Bravo
  • The Virtual Reality  = SERIOUSLY ? that is so old now
  • The Emojiee thing = seriously that’s a feature?

Now I you might see me as a Android user who is just bashing on the iPhone, well I am not I have all kinds of Phones my main phones are ( HTC 10 + iPhone 7 Plus ), but this iPhone I was expecting much more from Apple.

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