Xiaomi Phones in Kuwait

Xiaomi Phones in Kuwait

So if you are a person like who doesn’t like be restricated to certain brand phones like samsung,iPhone,HTC..etc that is only available in our country zones, and you saw a phone online like Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and wanted to buy it , but you can’t because Xioami is not avilable in your region ? well if you are in Kuwait or visiting Kuwait, I have found a website/shop/company that sells Xioami Phones !!!


I always wanted to get Xioami Mi Mix 3 since it was released but I was worried I would get the wrong verison  and not get warranty for it, I kept googleing around and browsing instagram until I found this account : Alezay which was adversting Xioami Mi Mix 3 Avilable with free delivery in Kuwait ! ( Yay my day happened ) well I got the phone with offical global verison and with local warranty here in Kuwait.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 12.33.03 PM.png

Alezay also have many kinds of Xioami phones , Such as : Redmi Note 7 , Xiaomi Mi 9, Xioami Mi 8 Pro, Xioami Pocophone F1…etc of many Xioami phones, but not only do they sell Xioami Phones, they sell many kinds of different phones brands like ( Lenovo, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO ) Yup they sell OPPO <3 so this their website Alezay.com which I am happy to share because that’s where I got my lovely full edge to edge phone.

Link to buy : Alezay.com


You can either order it online or just go to their office and buy it.


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